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The AES Story

Ascension Elite Soccer was started when a few coaches began to offer offseason training to local players wanting to work on their game outside of the team environment.  The more they offered, the more players wanted to participate.   Around the same time, AES Director Jared Moss, read The Talent Code: Greatness Isn't Born. It's Grown.  Here's How, by Daniel Coyle and incorporated important ideas from the book into the training.  After that, AES finalized the skill based curriculum and even more players followed.

There isn't another training solution like AES in Louisiana.  Unlike their team environment, we focus solely on the technical ability of each player.

Meet Our Staff

We only hire the best coaches who put the player before themselves.

Coach Jared Moss

Coach Don Gulczynski

Coach Robert Capewell

Coach Matt South

Coach Elise Moore

Coach Shaun Carty

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